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Introducing new smart glass technology to the UK: SageGlass®

We're excited to be working on the Brooklands, London, Lidl store which is the first Lidl store project in the UK using SageGlass®, an electrochromic glass that tints automatically.

SageGlass® represents nothing less than a fundamental shift in the way we experience buildings — the ultimate connector between our built and natural environments.

By dynamically changing tint in response to the sun, SageGlass® increases occupant comfort while maintaining a connection to the outdoors without the need for blinds or shades.

These are just some of the benefits of tintable electrochromic glass:

  • Blocks 99% of glare producing light
  • Intelligent daylight management
  • Maintains view and connection to outdoors
  • Helps achieve green labels
  • Automatic & manual control

Contact us to discuss using SageGlass® in your project with us.

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