Custom-built luxury homes

We are dedicated specialists in creating unique high-performance eco homes that redefine luxury.

We believe your home should suit your lifestyle and give you an every-day enriching experience. It should be energy-efficient and ecologically sound, with no compromises in design or the building process. The choices are limitless when it comes to the individual features of your home, and luxury can truly be taken to a new level:

Convenience is king

Your custom build luxury home can utilise the latest technologies and multimedia to make your life easier, safer and add all-around home comforts for you:

  • Multi-room home entertainment system – brings music, television, games and internet to any room in your home, easily and individually controlled without visible wires
  • Smart home control system – come home after work to a pre-heated sauna or a warm dining room with dimmed lights
  • Central vacuum system – makes for a cleaner, healthier and quieter living environment

Safe, secure and protected

  • Integrated security – protects your home through door locks with fingerprint sensors and inbuilt cameras at your gate which connect to your mobile phone when you're not in
  • Intelligent smoke and fire detection – prepares your escape route in seconds by switching lights on, raising blinds and unlocking the door
  • Storm sensors – ensure that e.g. awnings are retracted in case of high speed winds

Your energy-efficient luxury home

From the start we design your luxury home with energy-efficiency in mind. By using the best technologies and materials available to make your home energy-efficient we create a future return on the investment as well as a warm living atmosphere for you to enjoy:

  • Solar Thermal – solar water heating
  • Solar Photovoltaics – electricity from the sun
  • Maximum use of natural solar radiation e.g. through large south facing windows
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • Ground source heat pumps
  • Thermal efficient triple glazing windows for maximum insulation
  • Optimum air tightness to prevent heat from leaking

Sustainable living

When it comes to sustainable living, Germany has set leading standards internationally for decades. We have the know-how and experience to implement the same innovative and proven technologies in your home, making it more comfortable, healthy and sustainable - as well as energy-efficient. You can choose to include as many sustainable living features as you wish.

A high-end "green" home uses less energy and lowers greenhouse gas emissions. The living environment is generally healthier and more comfortable due to reduced allergens such as dust, mold and other indoor toxins.

  • Porotherm block walling system for comfortable room climate all year round
  • Allergy filter system
  • Green or "living" roof using self-sustaining planting
  • Renewable energy sources for a reduced carbon footprint

Some or all of the above features may be able to be incorporated in a refurbishment, renovation or extention of your existing property, thereby giving you the benefits of energy efficiency and sustainable living without the cost of a new build. This can be done either by our trusted architect partner and subcontractors or in collaboration with your architect or interior designer.

Get in touch to tell us about your ideas and plans: We look forward to hearing from you.

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